• A synthesis of beauty and sustainability

    I think during the last weeks and months you will probably have noticed from the furniture I have talked about that I have a passion for simple and elegant shapes. Today I have picked out for you the KUAN chair which follows the same design principals. I discovered the chair at the Ilpo SRL booth in Salone del Mobile where it was displayed in an expressive red and black combination which I really liked.

    The German company SMV Sitz- und Objekmöbel GmbH is distributing this stylish and sustainably produced lounge chair which is also 100% vegan. SMV’s renunciation of the use of animal products is a key element to the company and a significant step forwards in our ethical future. The chair is available in a huge range of animal free upholstery fabrics, for example, cork which offers a great alternative to leather.

    Frank Chou is the talented young Beijing designer responsible for the extraordinary KUAN chair. His works have already attracted a lot of attention and he and his team have created elegant and long-lasting contemporary design pieces for several renown companies and global design brands. Industry organisations and media groups both in China and abroad have nominated him as „Designer of the Year“ and he was the first Chinese designer to win the „Salone Satellite Special Mention Design Award“ in 2016.

    I’m not surprised that on the basis of criteria such as ecological compatibility, level of innovation and design quality the KUAN chair won the 2017 ICONIC Award in the category Interior Innovation.

    For me, the chair is definitely a great example of the synthesis of beauty and sustainability in furniture design.


    Powder-coated steel, moulded flexible polyurethane shell with internal metal frame. | 75 cm height  x 74 cm width x 74 cm depth

    Available @ SMV Sitz- und Objekmöbel GmbH | Price depending by upholstery fabric between 1100,00€ – 1320,00€ inkl. German tax

    Thank you Ilpo SRL and SMV Sitz- und Objekmöbel GmbH for the press material.


  • A puristic bench inspired by Japanese culture

    Today I would like to introduce some more beautiful furniture: Torii – a bench produced by Viccarbe and designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. It’s simplicity and pure beauty has kept me thrilled ever since seeing it during Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan.

    The brand new Torii bench is defined by it’s multi functionality. It can be set to the same height as a chair, which means it can be used as a desk or other table and, of course, it can be placed in collaborative spaces. Colours, upholstery and electrics are available in several options. I’m smitten by the lovely colour combination which they presented at the fair (seen in the above picture.)

    The famous designer couple, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, took their inspiration from traditional Japanese culture and designed Torii in reference to the arches normally found at the entrance to Shinto shrines and which embody the frontier between earthly and sacred matters.

    The furniture Viccarbe presented at Salone del Mobile all have one thing in common, carefully designed with the highest standards in partnership with the most prestigious international designers they are all suited to a pure, timeless and contemporary lifestyle.

    For me they were a definite highlight of the fair and new favorite bench.

    Thank you Viccarbe fort the press material. Credit: https://www.viccarbe.com

  • A shelf to express yourself

    Some weeks have past already since Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan Italy, but still there are so many brands and products I want to tell you about.

    Have you ever heared of the Danish company Montana? I am pretty sure you’ve seen some of their furniture without knowing.

    Since 1982 Montana is producing different storage systems which are known for their simplicity, functionality and high standards – all manufactured in Denmark. The company has been founded by Peter J. Lassen who worked from the beginning closely with designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzen, Piet Hein and Verner Panton.

    Lassens vision was not just to create furniture but also add his values such as freedom, flexibility and creativity to his designs. He invented different modular systems which allows customers to play around and add their individual touch.

    Montana is represented in numerous leading furniture shops in Europe and is starting now to go global. I think customers worldwide appreciate their modular systems to organize personal belongings and the flexibility in the design.

    At Salone del Mobile 2018 they have presented themselves with an outstanding booth painted in various shades of red and storage systems reaching right up to the ceiling.

    The brandnew shelving concept „Montana Free“, which they launched at Salone del Mobile blew my mind – especially the version in China Red.

    „Montana Free“ is a minimalistic and elegant airy shelving solution which seems to be not just solid but also long lasting. It is designed by one of the most respected Danish designers Jakob Wagner. His designs are renowned and have been exhibited worldwide.

    The shelf offers endless opportunities to express your personality like a big open canvas. You can choose between 12 different standard compositions which will help to solve several room circumstances. The smallest version is a two-shelf-high bench and the biggest a six-shelf-high shelf depending on your needs. It is easy to assemble and mobile which brings a big application spectrum.

    It consists of lacquered MDF shelves in depth 38 cm divided by tubes emphasizing the horizontal shelves. The shelves and the tubes are available in four lacquer colours: New White, Fjord, China Red and Black. The panels feature the textile Remix 2 from Kvadrat and are available in the following colours: Purple, Stone, Grey, Natural, Rust, Lilac, Nude and Mustard.

    Great work: “The shelving system has all the marks of Montana’s unique DNA and the high quality you would expect. Made by Montana. Interpreted by you.”

    Thank you Montana for the press material. Credit: https://www.montana.dk

    Price range: 501,00€ – 2.076,00€. Panels 93,00€ (Germany)