About Apes, People and Owls

The ceramic works of the italien company Bosa are decorative, unique, colorful and with the right sense of humor. Their repertoire of forms and figures is widely spread. I have never seen such fine ceramics produced in this quality and so narrative. Wow- truly outstanding craftsmanship!

The Venetian workshop Bosa was founded in 1976 and creates hand-made objects and accessoires mainly in collaboration with international designers.

Primates by Bosa

Look at the majestic series of the apes (collection „Primates“) designed by Elena Salmistraro, I absolutely love them! Each piece looks like the king of the dschungel to me. This gorgeous collection includes vases, wall sculptures and plates.

Elena Salmistraro also designed a series of ceramic figures called „Most Illustrious“ as a triute to italian design masters and people who inspired her. Every piece captures not just the characteristica of each individual but also their design work. Truly Amazing!

Manolo Bossi created for all the owl fans amongst us an entire collection of beautiful and mysterious figurines (collection„The Owls“) They are not just elegant and wise looking but also serve as little containers for your precious things. Definately one of my favourites.

The Owls by BosaBut this is just a small selection and there are many more to dicover. Check out Bosa’s homepage and discover. https://www.bosatrade.com

Definatetly special and fun works.





Thank you Bosa fort he press material.


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